About IntegraColor

We began fifty years ago as Horticultural Printers, a small company specializing in point of purchase for the wholesale and retail nursery industry. An important niche market we continue to service today under the name Horticultural Marketing and Printing where we are the leader in the development and production of innovative weatherproof labels, packaging, and sign point of sale solutions.

Over the years we diversified internally and through acquisition to expand into other markets and blossomed into IntegraColor, one of the 75 largest printing companies in North America. Today we offer unparalleled range of printing, finishing, fulfillment and supply chain management software solutions under-one-roof.

With IntegraColor, our “under one roof” solution makes print procurement and fulfillment easy. One call does it all.

With all of these services in-house, IntegraColor has helped many companies – large and small – achieve the savings they need in print procurement and distribution. Trimming costs can’t accomplish this alone. Print buyers also need a simplified supply chain that shortens timelines, saves freight costs, eliminates problems and improves the end results – something that is very difficult to achieve when using multiple suppliers.

Clients such as Coca Cola, Church's Chicken, Chevron, and Lowes have benefited from our unique under-one-roof package of services that reduce total supply chain costs, enhance quality, and speed products to market. We invite you to contact us for a needs assessment to determine how our under-one-roof model can help your business. salesinfo@integracolor.com

Mission Statement

To be a company of integrity
With trust in God,
Working as a dedicated team at all times
Enhancing the well being of our employees,
Building long term relationships with our customers,
Respecting each employees' talents and contributions,
Marketing and producing value and quality in all that we do,
Being proactive to new ideas that promote our strategy and vision,
Profiting fairly through efficiency, added value, innovation and extra effort.

Vision Statement

As the world changes, we will change with it.
Our only constant;
to be recognized as a successful company with integrity,
Committed as a team to meet the needs of our customers
And exceed their expectations.