The IntegraColor Advantage

IntegraColor is one of the 75 largest printing companies in North America, perfecting six printing methods over 50 years in business. But it doesn’t stop at printing. IntegraColor gives clients more services than other printing companies: finishing, fulfillment, structural design, and even internet-driven technological solutions. And it all happens in the same 400,000-square-foot production and warehouse facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.


With all these services in-house, IntegraColor has helped many companies — large and small — finally achieve the savings they need in print procurement and distribution. Trimming costs can’t accomplish this alone. Print buyers also need a simplified supply chain that shortens timelines, saves freight costs, eliminates problems and actually improves the end results — something that is very difficult to achieve when using multiple suppliers.

Producing everything at one location means higher consistency in print quality, especially between pieces printed in completely different methods on completely different materials. It also saves time and eliminates the frustration of repeating instructions.

IntegraColor saves clients money, too. High volumes and membership in the Graphic Source Consortium — a $2 billion syndicate — lets us buy supplies and paper and other substrates at phenomenal prices that you’ll see reflected in every estimate. We’ve perfected the art of ganging projects for optimal efficiency as well. Plus, our fulfillment center lets you ship direct from our central location, saving shipping costs from printer to fulfillment house.

IntegraColor is completely responsive to your needs. Use our full complement of services, from design to printing to finishing to fulfillment, all managed with our optional online ordering system. Or bring in designs for printing, finishing and fulfillment. Or just rely on us for some of the best printing you can get in North America. IntegraColor will give you exactly what you want, when you need it.

That’s our goal — to be the most capable and responsive printing company you’ve ever known. Each client gains something from the IntegraColor approach. You can, too. Trust us for high-quality production, dedicated service and creative solutions that save you time and money, and flawless integrity.