When IntegraColor prints your projects, there’s no need to find a second vendor to finish the job. Not only can we fold any project according to your specifications, our wide assortment of in-house finishing equipment can handle custom die-cutting, binding, complete point-of-sale finishing and more, giving you unsurpassed quality, consistency and fast turnaround.

Multi-Page labels

Multi-page OnSert labels give you the freedom to expand the content of your product packaging. An OnSert is preprinted, folded, then laminated to a die-cut, pressure-sensitive base label, which adheres firmly to a container. Various closing mechanisms are available, including peel-and-reseal, breakaway and perforated designs.


IntegraColor can expertly fold, collate and bind virtually any multi-page document, using the most popular methods available, including saddle-stitching, perfect and spiral binding


IntegraColor has more stringing capacity than any other company in the Southwest. Eleven machines tie elastic, cotton or metallic string to flat or folded tags at break-neck speed—over one million units per day, as you need them.


Our die-cutting equipment is among the best in the industry, offering clean cuts, in-line blanking and automatic stripping for cost savings and high-speed results. And there’s no need to design around standard shapes ­­—IntegraColor can make intricate custom dies right in our finishing department.


Our digital die-cutting capabilities can cut almost any shape or size up to 1” thick. From special standees, posters, POP displays or boxes, there are no dies to purchase saving you time and money.


We specialize in the finishing of wide format printed banners, signs and vinyl media produced all in-house. We offer a range of products and services to give your job a professional finish. No matter the quantity, our trained staff can join, weld, sew and supply everything needed to install your work.

Ink Jet

When your plastic or paper point-of-sale pieces, coupons or packaging need sequential numbers, bar codes or other unique features, IntegraColor’s ink jet capabilities give you that kind of customization with high-speed efficiency.

Point-of-Sale Finishing

Whether you need sewing, grommets, taping, film lamination, or paper-to-paper litho labeling, IntegraColor can turnkey any point-of-sale project, large or small, and get it out the door quickly. Plus, in-house box construction produces the perfect carrier to ship your project economically and safely.