Mobile Tagging for Retail and Consumer Products Companies

As the Internet and mobile technologies continue to change the landscape, IntegraColor is helping customers find new opportunities to reach consumers and build brand loyalty with mobile tagging.

Mobile tagging is the process of providing data on mobile devices at the point of sale through the use of URL encoded two-dimensional codes. These codes are read using a downloaded app that turns the phone’s camera into a code reader. When scanned the code links the consumer to a mobile website or direct to a video.

Mobile tagging codes can be printed on anything from business cards, display ads, sign and packaging. A powerful technology that can help you make the most of consumers’ mobile phones to bridge your physical marketing with your digital resources.


Mobile tagging enables extension of the primary product label or sign to mobile websites or videos that provides additional information about the product or event that many shoppers need to make a well informed buying decision. Many times not all of the necessary information fits on the product label or sign.

This additional information could include coupons, how-to or use videos, product manuals, and even checklists of other products that may be associated with using the product - to promote success and drive incremental sales. Information they can view in the store at the point of sale or save to their phone for later review.


IntegraColor has pioneered the use of this new technology providing our customers not only the printed packaging and signing that displays the codes, but also creation of the codes, product database, and mobile website develpomnet needed to execute a mobile tagging program. Every program consumer focused and customized to meet the customer’s special needs.

For more information:

Consumers scan the 2D code and are brought to a mobile website that provides facts and information about breast cancer and the ability to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

By scanning the 2D code, consumers learn more about the product, it's uses and application requirements, as well as the hazards and precautionary measures.

Our solution for Lowe’s Garden Center includes a 2D code for every plant variety (over 22,000 codes). The consumer is provided with more information about the specific plant variety with web and video content.

The Landscape Gardens mobile web sites offer six different garden designs for the homeowner to choose from. Each garden design comes complete with landscape plans and details.