• Speed

    When the race is on the Rho1000 can turn your job quickly! As you well know, today’s point of sale programs have much shorter time lines. Last minute design changes to meet the needs of an ever changing market are common. Speed to market is everything!

  • Quality

    It’s time to embrace improved standards of quality! The Rho1000 provides the next level of point of sale to support and propel your brand. Fine resolution, exact ink drop targeting and wide color spectrum provide a new level of quality on a wide variety of substrates.

  • Cost

    High speed digital printing with the Rho 1000 can drive down the cost of printing. Short and medium run point of sale work, once screen printed is now more cost effective produced on the Rho. Additionally, what was once screen printed because of large size or substrate thickness is also a perfect fit.

  • Versatility

    Easily and economically customizing your marketing message for different markets is imperative for many campaigns. The Rho1000 is the perfect tool – versioning is fast! For large campaigns the base art can be screen printed and the variable data overprinted with the Rho1000.