Making A Difference

IntegraColor takes great pride in being an environmentally conscious company. Over the years we have made efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. Since 2004, we have formalized our efforts and the steps we are taking today to lessen our impact on the environment are an integral part of our operations and drives our commitment to sustainability.


Our wide variety of equipment, from digital to full-web capabilities, canproduce and deliver comprehensive green print and production packages.


From paper to plastics, we find and make available the most sustainable alternatives that can be recycled back into the supply chain or by the end consumer at curb-side.


A number of our business partners are FSC certified and have programs designed to source eco-friendly alternatives and processes.


The IntegraColor team is conscious of their daily environmental responsibilities from personal recycling, turning off lights and working smart to creating not only an efficient, but safe work environment.